DC Terrain – Why I am Who I Am

My name is David Hiergesell and I have been considering putting up a blog for a number of years.  I am a native of the Washington DC and deeply love this area which has been my home for more than forty years.  I grew up in Falls Church, Virginia in a relatively affluent suburb which has over the last four decades transformed into a multicultural flower seasoned with a rich Vietnamese and El Salvadorian culture due to political asylum and resettlement of refugees from their respective countries. 

I grew up as a virtual family member of a well-to-do Serbian political refugee family (from Tito) and am unofficially considered an “honorary” Serbian.  I am not Orthodox, but today I am joining in the Serbian celebration of Slava for Saint Nicholas.  We will eat traditional food and toast Slivovitz to our fallen friends and family this evening.  Svetna Slava!

I am a conservative libertarian politically and align myself with Ronald Reagan’s wing of the Republican Party.  I consider Reagan a personal hero and will go to my grave loving him and his legacy for this the greatest country on earth – the United States of America.  My Serbian friends taught me from a young age to revere freedom and prosperity which is a rarity in this world in which we live.  They had no patience for Americans who do not appreciate all they have. 

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year because I don’t think people tell God thanks for all they have.  In a society which specializes now in creating a cacophohy of whining and complaining citizens, there are only a few windows of time where we can escape to love and the better side of human nature. 

That said, I am writing a political blog here.  For the light hearted, I warn you now.  I am as cynical as Dennis Miller and will indulge in sarcasm and obscure references which will make most people’s heads spin.  I make as many enemies as friends and enjoy cutting ignorant people to ribbons on Internet forums and blogs.  I do not suffer fools lightly and will use a Samurai sword with quick finality before moving on.  Otherwise, I’m mostly a sweet Teddy Bear.

In College I was “saved” by a guy named Steve Fillman who was on the board of directors of a group called Young Americans for Freedom (YAF).  Unknown to me at the time was the fact that YAF-fers were the footsoldiers of the Reagan Revolution in the 1980’s.  My first political statement was to attend a rally in support of wives of Contra farmers from Nicaragua who lost their husbands due to Sandanista communist nationalization of their family farms. 

I was blown away at the time to learn that honored U.S. politicians such as Conneticut’s Christopher Dodd and others publically supported the Sandanista communists and attended dinners with Fidel Castro the scourge of the Caribbean.  What?  Why would a public servant of the United States of America put these type of horrifying people on a pedestal in front of God and everyone?  My world was literally turned right side up at this point. 

On campus I finally learned why I despised my Psychology professors in my major field of study.  In fact, I despised nearly all of my professors for their smarmy, know better than everyone attitudes.  This was a sharp difference from my old private school days where I actually loved learning and wrote award winning essays to the Daughters of the American Revolution.  No, not even in Nebraska was it free from total dominance and infiltration of these corrupt scoundrels who turned me into a mortal enemy for life. 

I joined my friend Steve Fillman and a lawyer named Terrell Cannon from YAF to form a non-profit which brought in conservative speakers to local Nebraska campuses.  We were the only “game in town” for the prominent “peace” groups composed of academic marxists and their USSR funded groups to publically oppose.  Their opposition materialized in huge press events, bus loads of smelly, long haired, protestors.  Thanks to them I was the front page of major newspapers with regular pubishing of my terse letters to the editor on a variety of subjects. I learned that when I write, I like to see a residue of smoke in the air.  I also learned that others tended to savor the smell of that smoke.

One afternoon shortly before graduation, I was approached by the assistant dean of the Political Science department at the University of Nebraska.  I respected this man because he was able to keep everyone from learning his true political leanings including me.  He caught me in the hall after class and told me that he had searched the print outs of Political Science students for my name and didn’t see it anywhere. 

He asked me “who are you?”  I took a deep breath and asked him why he cared who I was.  He replied that I was one of the most well informed and promising students he had ever taught over his career.   I told him that I keep a very low profile on campus due to my political affiliations.  I confessed that I was the Executive Director of the Conservative Educational Foundation (a front group for YAF) and had brought Adolfo Calero, leader of the Contras, to Nebraska.  He looked like I had thrown cold water in his face. 

“So, you’re the one”  Slowly trickled out of his mouth.

He explained that my friends and I had created a tidal wave in the faculty social circuit by my public fight with a horrible Marxist professor in a different school (and leader of a prominent regional “peace” group) summarily excommunicated from the academic community.  This was a tenured professor at a major university and dean of the political science department.  I only knew him as Royal Prick.  Complete Dickhead.  Attacker of Conservative Students.  Utterly Corrupt Hippee Jerk Marxist.   He told me this jackweed was now teaching at a community college in a small Nebraska town  because of a front page grudge match we had in the major newspapers.  Justice served. 

Earlier, this professor had asked in class if anyone knew of a “lobbying organization” in Washington DC.  People mentioned the usual suspects such as the ACLU.  He went to the board and wrote in six inch high letters “National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).  Now that we were “friends” I decided that I took him seriously as a teacher now and I reevaluated him.

I soon learned that my destiny was tied to the NAM and that my professional identy would be forever associated with this organization which I deeply love to this day.  When Robert Duvall uttered the classic line in the film Apocolypse Now “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning… it smells… like Victory”  I can honestly say that I love the factory floor with all the noisy machines clicking and moving constantly with economic progress.  True beauty. 

I no longer work for the NAM having moved into the Internet sector working on global trading systems for U.S. food producers, but my heart is with small business.  I am in love with the tough, cynical, hard nosed U.S. business leaders who will go head-to-head with anyone on the planet if only the !@#$%^&* government will get the !@#$%^&* out of their way!

Manufacturing is the identiy of the United States of America. 

You can call a lawyer a businessman, but what does he produce?  Most of them are parasites in my book.  Three quarters of the jobs people do in the USA are parasites as well.  Manufacturing jobs are the real deal.  Producers, contributors, people who love this country and if they could only get the parasites off of their backs would lead the world to a level of prosperity and peace that it has never known. 

It is for this reason that I remain involved in politics.  I hate what I see here in Washington DC on a daily basis.  I think, though, that there is a baby here in this bathwater or “cesspool” as many people outside of the city characterize it.  People shoot arrows at everyone here and I have no time for that.  Loose cannons fire at everyone including their friends.  I have as little time for these people as I do commited marxists which live in one of every four households in this city. 

I sometimes think of the Loony Tunes cartoon with Wiley Coyote and the Guard Dog watching the flock of sheep and mortal enemies by day.  Then at quitting time they both punch the clock and bid each other well as they head home tired in the evening.  I have friends that I deeply love who are openly gay and know that I’m conservative.  I know daffy Marxist art foundation flunkees that I can spend hours engaged in debate and excessive wine consumption that I would never trade for any other friend.

I love people because they were created by God.  I plant seeds with them for their Christian salvation where I can.  I admit I’m a horrid sinner to everyone who knows me.  I hate it when I insult people or act as a bad representative of my own religion.  I am who I am though.  I am too seasoned to change, that much.  My heart is pure though and I am ready for the fight. 

Please join me if you wish. 

I plan on using this Blog to discuss politics in DC based from the perspective of business lobbying and my pet project:  U.S. Manufacturing.  I don’t like “big” business anymore than most conservative libertarians.  I do love small and medium “health” business though and will kick anybody’s butt who impugns these honorable people. 

DC Terrain is a blog dedicated to the existing “players” in Washington DC in an effort to understand why things do and don’t happen.  This is not a commentary about lobbying – whether or not it is ethical, moral or otherwise.  It simply is. 

Cheers to you.  May love and peace dominate your life.  May God steel you and give you the strength to hear the truth and speak it to others.  May God be with you in all your endeavors. 

Until later.